In Government management, the indicators are instruments that contribute to identify and measure aspects related to a certain phenomenon arising from action or omission of the State, based on the assumption that one cannot manage what cannot be measured.

The main purpose of an indicator is to bring out, in measurable form, one aspect of the reality considered (social situation) or constructed (action), so as to make the observation and the appraisal operational.
We help Government Administrations to obtain reliable, precise and prompt information, thereby constructing and modelling indices and indicators so that the Government managers may renounce decisions based exclusively on intuition, tradition, "administrative skill" or personal opinions. We produce models for indicators that allow the integration of subjectivity and objectivity based on empirical evidence, making comparisons feasible and consistent appraisal and, mainly, create conditions to clarify and support the decisions and reassessment.
We supply complete advisory services for the definition of indicators that serve as a planning tool, for monitoring and assessment, comparison and projection of scenarios, both at the level of governance as also the management and operational levels.