Management of Government Assets

The management of Government Assets is a current and pertinent issue, considering the changes and legal adaptations brought by the Brazilian Standards for Accountancy Applied to the Public Sector (NBCASP).

The purchasing activity can be considered as a means activity but, on observing that one can interact with a new Management Policy for Property, as also a local agenda for development, the goal changes!
This is not a case of reducing costs through the lowest price, but rather, in the light of a purchasing policy that articulates, makes the best purchase based on a dynamic decision of Government agenda. In this context, the following issues deserve analysis: Lease or purchase of properties; Outsourcing Services or keeping an internal structure in place; Centralisation of shared services or decentralisation of services of common use.
Considering such circumstances, we see an excellent opportunity to integrate efforts in the identification of improvement of the quality of expenses through Public Tenders, associating the information brought from the management of public hirings of services and also expenses of costs derived from properties.
In this regard, the main goal is now that of defining a new policy for Management of Public Assets, considering the issues that involve Public Hirings, as also the due recommendations for Adherence to Brazilian Standards for Accountancy applied to the Public Sector (NBCASP), related to Part II – Asset Accounting Procedures.


  • Adherence to Brazilian Standards for Accountancy applied to the Public Sector-NBCASP;
  • Identification of Improvement in Quality of Expenses related to Share Assets;
  • Possibility of reducing the cost expenses, associated to the maintenance of share holdings;
  • Increased internal control made up of operational, accounting and normative environments;
  • Reduction of the risk of fraud and siphoning off of public assets;
  • Management of public hirings of services and cost expenses derived from Share Assets.