Open Data

The paradigm of Open Data is based on the confirmation that the data or information, when shared openly, has potentialised value and use.

Making data available on the Web is not common in the public sector, but with an Open Data Policy the Government shows their intention of standardising and boosting the dissemination of public data throughout their administrative structure. The Open Data paradigm is based on the confirmation that the data or information, when openly shared, has greater power of value and use. Actions focused on this issue show the Government's interest in developing an ecosystem of data and information to benefit society and also make it possible to get all segments involved, including private enterprise and the academic segment.


  • Adherence to the Information Technology Access Law (LAI), Law No. 12.527/2011; paragraph 3 of Article 8, implements a mandatory requirement for open data through Internet services.
  • Compliance with relevant legislation, thus avoiding possible problems with external control.
  • Significant increase in the perception of administration as open and transparent, with significant political gain.
  • Publication of open data to society in a simple, quick and cheap way.
  • Diagnosis of a "repository" platform, which is essential for the effective operation of the Information Access Law for the sipply of information of interest to society.
  • Minishment of the gap that exists between the Municipality, the art of technologies, and the management of content and the use thereof in Government organisations.