BINPS® - Benefits on Government Investments

This is a methodology that measures and calculates the savings caused by innovation in public policies (incorporation of TIC and/or reduction of bureaucracy) recognised as a best practice by international organisations and also by many Governments.

Due to inadequacy of profit, in the Government and also in institutions of the third sector, as a measurement of the result, a ROI calculation is not the best concept to measure the return thus acquired. We have decided to create a new concept known as Benefits on Public Investments – BINPS® –, developed in the postdoctoral studies of Florencia Ferrer, na USP, where, in an analysis similar to that of cost-benefit, allows the relationship of investments with BENEFITS (including positive externalities), which could be a reduction of costs necessary so that the State can produce some service (increase of efficiency) or a reduction in social costs.


  • Know hidden costs involved in the processes;
  • Consolidation of results obtained by Government and Society;
  • Opportunity to improve processes, considering the analysis studied;
  • Visibility of the benefits brought by Technological Innovation.