Skills Training

The core focus is that of presenting a qualification programme for professional people within the Government sector, considering best international practices, including issues related to the improvement of Applied Government Management.

In the company's portfolio of services and products, F.F| e-Stratégia Pública® has, as one of its main areas, skills training in important themes related to Government Administration, such as: e-Gov, Open Data, Improvement in the Quality of Government Spending, Sustainable Government Hiring, Management of Government Assets, among others.

Offer the managers, civil servants and professional people from the area a systematic, modern, updated and well-encompassing vision of the area of public purchases, applying concepts and methods that contribute to the improvement of the quality of management of public spending, in conformity with constitutional and legal provisions.

Mayors, Secretaries, Advisors, Internal Controllers and their assistants, members of the Tender Commission, Auctioneers and Members of the Support Teams; Managers, Contract Managers and other agents, segments of the public that are directly or indirectly involved in the tender procedure and contracts of Government Administration.
Professionals of small, medium and large companies, interested in selling their products or services to Government Administration.