In 2003, Florencia Ferrer decided to set up F.F e-Stratégia Pública, guided by commitment and social responsibility. Based on her qualifications and academic background, Ms Ferrer was a pioneer in establishing strategic consultancy for the public sector. Her initial aims, those of contributing with governments to enhance the management of their resources, seeking to expand and optimise the quality of their actions, have been maintained to this day.
Due to the excellence of the work and use of own methodologies, the company is well recognised and has been given awards in Brazil and abroad.
The mission of the company is to develop innovative transformation strategies for Governments, for which services are provided, by using best practices and/or creating new models that maximise and enhance the use of public resources. In addition, the consultancy offers the work of a multidisciplinary team, specialised in guiding managers to advancement of the management model. The existence of a branch in Argentina has favoured the strengthening of the network of collaborating professionals, leading to the presence of a team of professionals with the highest competence at F.F | e-Stratégia Pública®.

Both Dr Florencia Ferrer, as an individual researcher and consultant, as also F.F | e-Stratégia Pública® and the team that helps with the company operations, have a lot of experience and collaboration with different International Organisations.
Apart from the many projects that have been sponsored by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) and that have been hired, FF | e-Strategia Pública also has active collaboration at many events and activities organised by this Organisation. One of the highlights was the participation in the III Global Conference on Electronic Government Procurement (Washington DC, 2009), where we were the only private organisation invited to discuss the strengthening of Government purchases through e-procurement systems, considered as leaders of transformation at the level of transparency, responsibility and efficiency in the state.
In 2005, the F.F | e-Stratégia Pública® team carried out a series of exchange agreements with the team responsible for the e-readiness newsletter of the United Nations (UN), having become consolidated as a methodological criticism of the e-readiness newsletter from the UN, from the standpoint of developing national, especially the impact of regional specificities and also the differences related to the structure of the state.

The credibility and good standing that F.F| e-Stratégia Pública® enjoys with its clients can also be seen in what WE DO NOT DO:

WE DO NOT traffic influence in any way;
WE DO NOT create or offer magical solutions;
WE DO NOT represent or recommend any technology company;
WE DO NOT give out information about our clients, meaning that we work in absolute secrecy;
WE DO NOT have exclusivity contracts with partners.

Develop strategies for transformations for Government, using best practices and/or creating new methods, which maximise the use of public funds.
Offer the clients the work of a multidisciplinary team, specialised in guiding managers about the evolution of the model of Government management.

Successful Entrepreneur Award, 2009
Opportunity Category

IT & Government Award, 2009
e-Democracy Category - Project for Policy of Government Purchases of the State of Acre

Top Business Excellence Prize, 2008
F.F | e-Stratégia Pública® – Consultancy in Government Policies

Standard Award for B2B Quality, 2006
Best Consultancy in E-Government – LIG Minas Project

CONIP Award - Excellence in IT Applied to Government Services, 2005
Economy Clock Project

IT & Government Award, 2005
e-Democracy – Economy Clock Project

Our company has an in-depth knowledge of the public sector in Brazil, at all three levels of Government, their management systems and also the public services that they provide. The technological and methodological mastery that has been accumulated in the experience developed by our team can be seen in the set of projects executed and also the research studies on our company's portfolio. On the other hand, we have participated in several technical missions in other OECD countries such as Spain, the United States, Canada, Chile, the United Kingdom etc, and this has provided us with global knowledge based on the best practices in other countries, bearing in mind the institutional, legal and technical characteristics specific to each country.
One of the most recent experiences of our team is related to the transfer of knowledge of the Ministry for Finance and Economy of the United Kingdom, on the mark of a programme called Spending Review. This programme had the aim of improving the structural quality of Government spending. With the aim of placing some of this experience at the disposal of horizontal co-operation, there was the creation of another fund, the Prosperity Fund, with the main focus of creating and establishing mechanisms to transfer knowledge to other countries. F.F | e-Stratégia Pública® was chosen to develop one of its co-operation lines aimed at improving the quality of public spending.