Dr Ferrer has become one of the most heard experts in the region, when it comes to how TIC can improve transparency and efficiency of Government administration. The investigative profile shown by Dr Ferrer and her team allows one to support her ideas with highly specific data that add value and also the impact of her messages, which have made her become an important consultant at the OAS for e-Government activities.

Miguel Porrua
E-Government Director
Organization of American States – OEA, 2007

Dr Florencia Ferrer is a pioneer in the efforts at cost analysis and effectiveness of Government policies. Public administration has undergone significant changes over the last few years, which have made Government administrators take up a new posture focused on results, efficiency and effectiveness of Government actions. For this very reason, the studies conducted by Dr Florencia have become an important tool to help Governments in the constant querying of their practices, in order to improve the quality of the services provided to the common people.

Marconi Martins de Laia
Director of the Electronic Government Department of the State of Minas Gerais, 2006

The methodology and research developed by professor Dr Florencia Ferrer in cost studies for different processes, and her comparative analyses comparing traditional models and those which have undergone organisational and technological innovations have allowed the state Government administration to have access to a new management tool so that, on the one hand, it is possible to optimise the decision-making processes and also, on the other hand, in an innovative manner, measure the savings thus obtained, not only internally but also in the segments of civil society involved in the respective processes. The contribution of Dr Florencia Ferrer was, without a shadow of doubt, extremely important for the advancement of the review of processes and also for the improvement of provision of public services that the Government has managed to implement over the last few years.

Roberto AguneGovernment Innovation Director
Governmento of the State of São Paulo, 2006