Public Management

Our work philosophy in this area is that of helping the public managers to obtain, in each area within Government policies, an increased capacity, on the part of the State, to obtain more with less.

Instead of obtaining more efficient results in the actions that are carried out seeking to improve the lives of the ordinary citizens, strategies are devised to achieve these aims, such as those who suggest an improvement in the quality of Government spending, particularly in areas such as purchasing and human rights, where a lot of the Government waste is produced. Within this area, the following actions are included:

  • Governmental strategic planning in the medium and long terms.
  • Implementation of a model of Management by Results.
  • Modernisation of Management.
  • Planning and management of change.
  • Support the preparation of policies based on evidence, assessment of impact, and development of cases.
  • Improvement to the Quality of Public Spending: purchases and personnel.
  • Implementation of the Shared Service Centre.
  • Implementation of the Environment of High Productivity.
  • Strategic planning of ports.
  • Strategic planning of the Policy of Management of Government Assets.